Phosphatidylcholine is the miracle food additive that is deficient in today’s diet and food distribution system. We can now assure our bodies of a sufficient supply of this vital nutrient that is lacking in our food supply.

SBS BRAIN FOOD Granules contain the naturally occurring essential nutrient, phosphatidylcholine, which is vital for healthy brain function. It nourishes the brain with acetylcholine which is the key neurotransmitter responsible for memory storage and retrieval. Numerous scientific studies have shown that an adequate intake (A.I.) of this substance benefits brain chemical activity affecting learning, memory, motor coordination, sensory feedback, and sleep patterns.

SBS BRAIN FOOD is available as pleasant tasting granules from concentrated plant-based ingredients. They are not processed chemicals mixed in Pharma laboratories into hard-to-swallow pills and capsules. One tablespoon of these granules is equivalent to taking ten liquid capsules, so getting your recommended daily intake of this essential nutrient is easy.

One or two tablespoons daily of these granules is all you need. They can be sprinkled easily over hot or cold meals and added to yogurt, shakes, and smoothies.

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