What is it? A healthier burger is your classic homemade ground beef hamburger made with 1 tbsp/patty of SBS HEART HEALTHY Food Granules added to the beef mixture before forming patties. Mix them in good. If you are making tacos, add granules to your taco mixture the same way. The granules will dissolve during cooking.

How Is It Cooked? You cook your smarter burger patties the same way you cook your classic burgers – on your barbecue grill, oven, or frying pan. When making tacos, cook them the same as usual.

Why is ground beef Problematic? Four-ounce hamburgers, for example, contains a plentiful supply of protein 20g, which is a good thing. However, they also contain 101 mg of fatty cholesterol-particles and 7.5 g of saturated fat, which is not so good. These fat particles can clump together in the bloodstream and cause problems. In simple terms, blood is primarily water into which fats cannot dissolve.

How To Make Burgers and Tacos Smarter? SBS HEART HEALTHY Food Granules, when added to our daily diet, help prevent the formation of dangerous fatty plaque deposits on artery walls. The granules emulsify fat. They form an ester that is able to metabolize the fatty deposits that have accumulated on artery walls and help carry them away. The granules have the ability to keep fatty particles in clear solution while traveling through the arteries.

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