It’s like providing “life insurance” for the HEART

Cholesterol is an essential component of our body. This fat-like substance exists in much of the body’s tissue, including the brain and nerve cells. It is a structural component of cell membranes- involved in synthesis Vitamin D, sex and adrenal hormones, and pile salts…it is necessary for blood clotting.

Females require it for the production of sex hormones such as estrogen. Our body needs cholesterol and produces its supply no matter what we eat. The real problem with it is that too much of it can lead to serious medical issues.

Although the body continually produces its cholesterol, we also obtain it from dietary sources, mostly from animal products such as meat and eggs. Cholesterol is a component of animal foods, not plant foods. Unfortunately, many people on vegetarian diets are still prone to high cholesterol levels.

Regular exercise, losing weight, giving up smoking and drinking, and statin drugs can be beneficial. However, they may not be enough to break down the hard plaques and fats that have already accumulated and deposited themselves in the arteries.

Significant amounts of this fat-like substances can choke off the arteries. This process is called arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. If the clumps of fat in the arteries build up and close, it will stop the flow of blood to the heart and cause a heart attack.

During the past half-century, there have been numerous controlled scientific investigations on the benefits of phospholipids in the diet about heart health. The results of these studies have been startling, especially after being subjected to statistical evaluation and per review.

Phospholipids are present in varying amounts in many of the foods we eat. They contain a class of compounds of essential nutrients that are vital to life. Unfortunately, much of today’s food supply include processed food such as pasteurized milk, milled wheat, refined vegetable oils, and processed meats which reduce its availability.

The phospholipid compounds contained in SBS HEART HEALTHY Food Granules are isolated from soybeans. They provide the most significant percentage of dietary phospholipids available in a plant. You would have to eat 1000 pounds of soybeans to obtain the mixed phospholipid contained in only 3 pounds of our granules.

In simple terms, blood is primarily water into which fats cannot dissolve. SBS HEART HEALTHY Food Granules is nature’s natural emulsifying agent. Contains the critical trace elements isolated from plants, fruits, and vegetables that melt away cholesterol. They break down the cholesterol and fat globules into microscopic particles small enough to pass through artery walls and into the body for processing.

Supplementation with SBS HEART HEALTHY Food Granules containing these highly concentrated phospholipid and pectin compounds is like providing “health insurance” for the heart and protection against cholesterol buildup.

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