Get the vital nutrients for optimal Heart and Brain health now lacking in our food supply, without taking multiple pills or capsules.

Now you can get your adequate intake of these vital nutrients by adding them to your favorite foods or drinks.

During the past half-century, there have been numerous controlled scientific investigations on the benefits of phospholipids in the diet benefitting heart and brain health. The results of these studies have been startling, especially after being subjected to statistical evaluation and peer review. Phospholipids exist in varying amounts in many of the foods we eat. They contain a class of compounds of essential nutrients that are vital to life. Unfortunately, we cannot safely get enough of these essential nutrients from our current diet. Much of today’s food supply contains processed food such as pasteurized milk, milled wheat, refined vegetable oils, and processed meats.

The concentrated phospholipids isolated from plants are present in SBS HEART HEALTHY Food Granules and SBS BRAIN FOOD Granules. They provide the most significant percentage of dietary phospholipids available from plants. You would have to consume 1000 pounds of soybeans to obtain the mixed-phospholipids contained in only 3 pounds of our granules.

Imagine – A juicy beef burger containing fat-busting granules without the guilt of eating food with high cholesterol and fat content.

Supplementation with SBS HEART HEALTHY Food Granules containing these highly concentrated phospholipid and pectin compounds is like providing “health insurance” for the heart and protection against cholesterol buildup. They break down cholesterol and fat globules from food into microscopic particles small enough to pass through artery walls without clumping together in the bloodstream.

The SBS BRAIN FOOD Granules contain a vast amount of pure phosphatidylcholine, which is required by the brain to synthesize choline. Scientists at MIT discovered that the amount of choline in the body can influence the vitality of the brain. The more you have, the more alert and active your brain. Researchers found that dietary choline (naturally occurring) stays in the body 3 times longer than Pharma produced free choline (synthetic version). Most of the synthetic choline produced is added to animal feed. There is no fishy body odor or other known side effects from consuming the naturally occurring dietary choline in our granules.

Two tablespoons daily of these tasty granules added to your food or drink is equivalent to consuming twenty liquid (1200 mg) capsules. The safest and easiest way to obtain these required vital nutrients is supplementation with the high-potency SBS BRAIN FOOD Granules or SBS HEART HEALTHY Food Granules.

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