Phosphatidylcholine is vital for healthy brain function. It is present naturally in many of the foods we eat. Red meats, organ meats, and eggs are the most concentrated sources of this nutrient. Grandpa and his ancestors before him consumed much more of these high fat and cholesterol-rich foods than we do today. Their diets, though rich in phosphatidylcholine, were also high in cholesterol.

Consumers today are limiting their consumption of foods that are high in cholesterol and fats. As the consumption of low-calorie and low-fat processed foods has increased, there has been an inadvertent decline in the consumption of phosphatidylcholine. This vital group of nutrients is required by the brain to produce acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter responsible for sensory feedback, learning, and memory.

The vast majority of food products on the market today appeal to the consumers’ desire for convenience, longer shelf life, taste, fast preparation and less on nutritional value. This has resulted in the commercial food distribution industry offering more refined and processed foods than past generations.

There is now sufficient evidence that there is not enough phosphatidylcholine in our diet and food supply to meet human requirements. Multiple clinical studies have shown that a deficiency of this nutrient may play a role in memory impairment and that supplementation can delay mental aging.

What’s the good news?

There is a big demand today for a safe reliable natural supply of phosphatidylcholine. Food scientists have discovered that a small portion of the soybean contains the highest concentration of this vital nutrient in any plant-based product. Unlike eggs and meat products, the phosphatidylcholine from soybeans contains no cholesterol.

There is even better news! Phosphatidylcholine emulsifies fat and hard plaques in the bloodstream…breaks it up into small pieces…removes it from the body…and lowers serum cholesterol levels. Only a tiny fraction of the soybean (.3%) contains the high-powered phosphatidylcholine. It requires about 2000 pounds of soybeans to obtain just five pounds of these potent granules.

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